I’m for Sale!

That’s right you have a chance at owning automotive history! A 2002 Jeep Liberty, 2002 being the first year it was introduced, replacing the venerable XJ Cherokee. Thats gotta’ mean somthin’!

I’m an OG, I killed the Cherokee!

The Liberty is the perfect 4X4 for cruising the mean streets of El Paso, Texas. Having a 4×4 allows you quick access to any nearby arroyo should bullets start flying from across the border.
Ricardo Montalbon would be jealous

With heated leather seats, you’ll be warm as you wait for your drug mule to make safe entry into the US through the Chihuahuan desert. Need to fire off some warning shots?  There’s even a moon roof!
Stuck crossing the Rio? Crawl out the top!

With 90440 miles on the clock, we are listing this at a thug friendly budget price of 7850.00.
(Update: The Liberty has been traded away)
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J-10 Action shots

Well not really off-road action but I had to transport some of my paintings to the airport for display so I got to stretch the trucks legs a bit on the freeway.  Went a comfortable 70 mph but you forget how much you miss overdrive till you don’t have it.

zoom, zoom
I tested out the AC, the fan blows but no cold.  Who knows the last time freon was added but mechanically the AC unit seems fine so I may have it tested for leaks and filled, provided there is not a problem.
Oh well, the windows work at least:)
I guess its time to start planning the next round of “fix the annoyance” and putting the door panels back on may be project numero uno.  Then possibly recovering the seats or replacing them out-right would be nice, the radiator needs tending to, oh and the belt squeal on start up and…
This sign seems appropriate.
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The Grande Verde=Pure Awesome

I think I have found one of the coolest Wagoneers to date:

The Grande Verde hails from Steam Whistle Brewing and is part of their delivery fleet.  I now have 2 reasons to visit Ontario some day.
Check out their site for more vehicle and beer awesomeness:
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Big Daddy Car Show

We stopped by the Big Daddy Car show this weekend at Sunland Park Casino.  It was HOT! temperature-wise.  The show it self was kind of boring, mostly lowridders and a few muscle cars.  There was one that caught my interest:

A few things are out of place, the Jeep emblem, tires and what ever the stick on do-dads are on the hood are but all and all it is done well.

I look sleepy

It was nice to see what appeared to be the original straight six in the bay and not some crazy caddy V8 or something else.

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Wild Willys

On our way to San Diego we stopped in Tuscon at the Pima Air and Space Museum. This fine Jeep was parked there, it may be a Ford variant though, there was no Willys stamping anywhere.

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Make mine a Jeep

Car and driver has a great article about the lunacy of using a Jeep as a daily driver and well… I concur.
Make mine a Jeep

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Brick Load

So what happens when you load up close to a ton of bricks in a truck rated at half a ton?

My aching back

The pallet didn’t look all that big but what I didn’t know was that each brick weighs close to 5 lbs. 220 some odd bricks adds up fast! It groaned but it made the 45 minute drive home without issue.  If you’ll notice it looks level but its sitting on a sloped driveway.

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