In 2008 I purchased (from Ebay!) a 1983 Jeep J-10 pickup.  That statement alone should be cause for concern.  I use this blog as a reference for the condition it was in when I purchased it and a record of the progress along the way.  It’s a learning process to say the least…some would say I should stick to painting .  The 2010 and prior posts are from this sites previous incarnation on Blogger before I switched to WordPress, so I guess this makes it Version2.  The older posts are amusing in their own right as I did not know at the time what I was in for.  I was clearly smoking crack when I decided to purchase this truck thinking I could restore it to its former glory.

It’s not like I didn’t know that old Jeeps are cruel mistresses, my brother went down this road back in 93 with a 68 Commando that fought him every step of the way.  It had it all, cracked engine block, no travel suspension lift, rust and more electrical gremlins than a Lucas electronics Jaguar. He tore it down, built it up and after not being able to get it to a level of reliability, that a student in collage needs, he sold it.

Evil Jeep 93

I told  myself I would not follow in his footsteps and yet here I am staring down the rabbit hole of old Jeep ownership.  In realty there are some differences between his situation and mine that should allow this to pan out OK. My 83 is in newer and I don’t rely on it for my main source of transportation.  That affords me the opportunity to have it not working for long stretches.

Evil Jeep 2012

Evil Jeep 2012

So here we go kids, check back and lets see where this goes.


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