Rear Differential Reseal

The rear differential had started to weep a wile back and recently had gotten worse so I decided to clean it up.  I have no idea when this was lat done, if ever, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I cracked the bolts on the AMC 20, let the fluid drain and here’s what I had:

Mighty AMC 20

It was real full, I think about 3 quarts poured out of it.  The gears looked good and there was no bits of metal or anything out of the ordinary. The service manual lists only needing about a quart so either it has slowly filled up from little adds here and there or somebody over filled it after a reseal.  I wiped it down, cleaned up the cover and applied gasket material.  In cleaning up the cover, I removed all the grease, dirt, surface rust and flaking paint before hitting it with some primer and paint.

All done

It was pretty easy. I’m going to let it cure overnight before I add fluid.  Next up will be the front.

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